About RP+

Ryan Planning Plus threw open its doors in early 2023, but its story begins much earlier. Throughout her entire career, founder and owner Erin Ryan has always been a detailed go-getter in pursuit of excellence! After a lengthy career in the food service industry and direct sales followed by seven years focused on wedding and event planning, Erin struck out on her own to forge her unique path as a planner, coordinator, and executor of custom weddings and special events.

We offer several different customizable packages and have covered the basics of each one on the Services page. Check out the options, then schedule a call with Erin to get more details.

Ryan Planning Plus Dream Weddings + Celebrations

Five Reasons to Hire Ryan Planning Plus


We love spreadsheets.

We take every single detail—even ones you haven’t thought of yet—and keep it organized. You don’t have to worry about all the moving pieces; we do it for you.


We have incomparable budgeting skills.

If you have a budget, we will help you make the most of what you have to work with. If you need a budget, we can help you develop a budget that marries your wallet and your expectations.


We have outstanding vendor connections.

We have worked with and developed relationships with vendors across Pennsylvania, in neighboring states, and beyond. We can recommend vendors, assist in contract negotiation, streamline communication, and confirm arrangements.


We are better at stress relief than a massage, yoga, or texting your BFF.

Planning the celebration of a lifetime is stressful, so we are there as your stand-in therapist, available by phone, text, or email, and of course, in-person on the day of your event.


We are committed to diversity and inclusion.

Ryan Planning Plus refuses to discriminate. We are all about